I went in to the course with an open mind and expected to learn the basics of writing good copy.

The course went in to a lot more detail than I had expected, which has been really insightful.

It was great being given one lesson at a time rather than being bombarded with everything at once.

The course lessons were easy to follow, too.

The communication was brilliant – very personable. I could easily have been exchanging emails with someone I had known for years.

Justine is a highly regarded writer and her critique has been incredibly useful and welcomed throughout my learning experience.

Frequent comments throughout my assignments made it easier to understand the feedback.

Justine’s comments have truly made me feel confident as a writer and for that, I am extremely grateful.

There were a lot of different writing styles / techniques to learn, so it was great to understand how to write different types of promotional materials.

I feel like I have learned everything I need to know to become a great writer. But I also know there is much more to learn, which comes with practice I’m sure.

I have recommended this course to so many people already – in particular, people I work with.

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