Anne Robertson

A distance learning course studentI am looking for a job as a web editor/digital content officer, so I wanted to get better at webediting and put the course on my CV.

I really enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend it.

The tutorial support was excellent. I really appreciated the detailed feedback from Ian, which I thought was spot on. He flagged up some blind spots, which I would otherwise not have noticed. I found his comments very constructive and always positive and courteous. I appreciated the quick turnaround on assignments as well. This helped me to keep up momentum and complete the course.

I thought the content was well thought out and well-written. I found the principles clear, easy to follow and apply. It definitely helped me to improve and build my confidence. The beginning of the course covered the basics of editing, and the end focused on the specifics of websites.

I learned that I need to weed out repetition in my writing. (I should probably do your copywriting course!) I found the accuracy exercises thought-provoking. Some of the media law was new to me. The course reinforced some aspects of editing that I already knew and introduced other aspects to me in an accessible way. I feel I now have a clear mental checklist for editing.

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