If you need to find a cost-effective way of starting a career in journalism, I would have no hesitation in recommending a CMP course.

I was approaching my mid-30s and desperate for a career change when I thought about enrolling on a CMP distance learning course.

Entering journalism had always been an ambition of mine from a young age, and by the time I was finally looking for ways in to the industry, it was all about finding the right course.

A little over three years has now passed since I first started getting tuition from CMP, and I am now working full-time as a reporter for a newspaper in Kent, where I have also just secured my own weekly column.

I still find it remarkable that for the sake of a few hundred pounds I managed to get the training I needed to get this far.

I have nothing but excellent things to say about the quality of tutoring and feedback that I received from CMP. I honestly cannot see how I could have done better in a real class at a college.

CMP responded remarkably quickly to my questions and marked coursework rapidly.

Guidance and advice on areas that proved tricky or confusing were always clear and came with every necessary piece of detail.

I never felt anything was too much to ask, which also helped boost my confidence.

Their thorough expertise in this field helped turn a subject that was baffling, in to one which was comprehensible and even fascinating.

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