Andre Lampen

Andre Lampen: CMP copywriting course graduate

I have aspirations of becoming either an editorial assistant or copywriter and thought this course would equip me with more skills and practical experience to enter these fields.

The course met my expectations. The tutorial support was excellent. My tutor, Justine, got back to me quickly when I submitted a query or when he returned a marked assignment.

Feedback was constructive and detailed. The course content was good. It started off basic and taught me the fundamental principles of copywriting and then became more advanced as I progressed.

I learned that it requires skill to write good copy. I learned that you must have a good eye for detail when writing copy, and go over your work as you may have made mistakes and clients will reject work with mistakes!

Finally, I learned how to write copy in a variety of forms. I am happy with the content and delivery of the course.

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