Anastasija Rizika

A distance learning course studentI enrolled because I wanted to create an online business for my family.

The course clearly exceeded my expectations. As sceptical as I was, I can’t believe I could learn so much in just 12 lessons.

The tutorial support was great and prompt.

The course content is very complete. Some of the lessons need weeks to research and digest. Every lesson is well-structured and informative.

I learnt online marketing. That is blogging, SEO for my website and for every single post I make; Google Analytics, trends, console (still a challenge for me!); Instagram (I feel like I am a guru of it now), Facebook, all those endless amount of apps and websites, tools and tutorials I made lists for, and there is much more. Never ever I heard about affiliating market or knew how to earn from blogging.

Overall, the course was perfect for me.

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