Alistair McLauchlan: CMP webediting course graduate

Why pay more when all the knowledge you need is with CMP?

I signed up for the blogging course after noticing CMP on the internet.

Personally, I think this course is perfect.

As I am currently working in Mexico I needed a course I could complete on the internet, and in my own time.

Once you start to complete your lessons, your enthusiasm builds ten-fold, especially when you receive all the positive feedback and tips.

I think the constructive criticism was particularly important for me.

My tutor was always keen to point out my mistakes with regard to spelling and grammar, and to point me in the right direction for making my articles and coursework more interesting, reader-friendly and industry-suitable.

Every marked assignment was returned within hours with plenty of encouragement and advice.

I have enjoyed the course immensely and now I am putting all that I learned in to practice. When I write articles and blog posts,  I use my lessons as a point of reference. All my lessons are a crucial bible for the future.

The cost of the course was excellent as well … I do not want to sound like a stereotypical tight Scotsman here!

I plan to study further with CMP and increase my knowledge and experience. All good.

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