Many of our copywriting course students start out by writing reviews. They are a good way of gaining experience, because just about anyone can write one. If you have been somewhere, or bought something, then you are qualified to review it!

And there are a lot of review sites around at the moment, which provide great opportunities to freelance writers to showcase and practice their skills. Here are some tips to bear in mind when you write a review of a product, experience or a service:

1. You do not need to be an expert. In fact, our copywriting course stresses that readers often prefer reviews by ‘someone like them’ rather than the high-flown and often unrepresentative opinions of an expert.

2. The opening sentence of a review is important. It needs to catch the reader’s attention and avoid making it too obvious that the article is a review. By their very nature, reviews need an unusual start; otherwise they become very predictable. There are only so many ways you can say: “My partner and I enjoyed a meal at the Star of India … ” So use an eye-catching idea instead.

3. A review should contain a blend of facts and personal opinion. These work together well, as readers will find your personal reflections interesting and helpful. But also include some powerful descriptions. These will help your views to come through, without you having to state them.

4. Beware reviewing medical products and services. They can inadvertently offer medical advice and opinion. Editors are reluctant to publish content like this unless it is written by an expert or a doctor.

It is best to base medical reviews on one or two case studies and relate the peoples’ experiences, without going too deeply into the medical side of things.

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