Proofreading tips for bloggers


Know the difference between editing and proofreading

There is a difference between editing and proofreading. During the editing process you want to revise the content, language and structure of your writing.

And while proofreading you want to fine-tune and double-check for proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Don’t rush and proofread more than once

Successful marketing content creators always review their work more than a couple times before publishing.

Take your time and focus on the process (chances are good you will miss mistakes if you rush) and be sure to give content at least a few, if not more, reviews before publishing.

Don’t rely on a spell check

There are plenty of decent spelling and grammar checking tools available. However, they are rarely the best solution if you want perfect content.

Sometimes automated suggestions can even be incorrect, so you need to know English language specifics yourself.

But always remember that no computer or software can replace the human eye.

Make sure you have no distractions

Shut down all of your browser windows you are not using and sign-out of all social media or online accounts. Turn your phone to silent, or just turn it off.

If you normally write with music on, or the TV, turn them off as well during editing.

Proofread early

You want to give your blog the proper attention it deserves. Proofreading needs to be done early in the morning, or at the beginning of your workday when you are wide awake and alert.

Not only do you need to be distraction-free, but you also need to give the process focus and detailed attention.

Take a break

Give yourself time between proofreading sessions to help your brain focus.

Exercise, walk your dog or listen to music on your walk to the local coffee shop.

No matter what it is, give your mind a rest from writing.

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