Why some proofreading course learners become freelancers


The daily commute to work can be depressing. This is the reason why many of our proofreading course graduates decide to go freelance. Statistics show that there are 1.4 million freelancers working across all sectors in the UK. This number has grown by 14% in the past decade.

There are many options for potential freelancers. Proofreading courses are popular as most of us know how to read and write and have some experience of proofreading at work or in education.

The satisfaction of starting your own online business and having the flexibility to spend more time with loved ones is a huge draw with 69% of all students saying they feel independent work gives them a better work-life balance.

Obtaining extra skills is now easier than ever. There are hundreds of online courses such as distance learning proofreading, as well as other skills and trades.

Of course many people are put off from taking the leap due to fear of failure. What if I never make any money freelancing? is a common question that keeps us locked in our safe but boring nine to five jobs.

Nobody would advise you to jack in your full-time job and jump head first into a freelancing career. Many proofreading courses can be done online, at home and part-time with no deadline to complete the course.

Working steadily towards your goals in your free time is the safest way to make the leap. This takes the pressure off and ensures that you don’t end up homeless in the process.

If you need any more convincing that freelancing is the right career choice for you, just picture yourself waking up whenever you want and working in your pyjamas while taking breaks to catch up on your favourite Netflix series. Now that’s freedom.

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