Our proofreading course boosted a student’s confidence


Proofreading course reviewproofreading course graduate has described how CMP restored her self-confidence.

Heather Fadida had a bad experience with another proofreading course provider.

She said: ‘I started CMP’s editing course after having been traumatised by another company that claimed that I was not suitable for editing.

I had a gut feeling that I was suitable, so I enrolled on your course and enjoyed every minute. I passed with merit and my confidence soared.’

Heather, who lives in Israel, described how the proofreading course led to her finding some work.

She said: ‘My boss saw my new found zest for life, and asked what I was doing. When I told her she offered me the opportunity to right an online newsletter about our area for the local council, right there and then!

‘The area in question is in the Negev desert of Israel three kilometers from Gaza. It is a cultural and educational microcosm that even surprises me after 24 years! I am also writing a book with the self-publishing course which I recommend very, very highly.’

Heather has invited other CMP online course students to contact her about her life in the Middle East. ‘I would like to ask all of your students and tutors what they would like to know. Open forum.’

She can be contacted in our Online Learning Area