Our proofreading course could assist a career change


Is it possible to change career and become a proofreader? Yes – our proofreading course learners have shown it can be done.

A number of our online proofreading course students have successfully changed careers to become proofreaders, and now have thriving businesses. Our courses show them how to get started.

For instance, Rachel Finnegan, started her own proofreading business after honing editorial skills on the CMP course. Now, she is one of our tutors!

It helps if you can find a specialist niche.

Does our proofreading course help? Our track records suggests it does. See our course reviews

These are some of the questions that people ask us about the course – you may find the answers helpful.

  1. What are the prerequisites needed for taking this course? A good grasp of English. There aren’t any other prerequisites. Some people find that their current career provides a good foundation. So, a background teaching English would be a big help.
  2. Does the course provide necessary training for someone just starting out with no formal writing experience? Yes, absolutely. Our courses provide the necessary skills and certifications.
  3. Does it qualify you to proof both American and British English? Yes. Americans use slightly different symbols for proofreading on paper, but our course covers these.
  4. What is the estimated number of hours needed per lesson? The course takes around 40-60 hours. There are 11 lessons – some take longer than others.
  5. Do you use the Chicago manual of style or AP stylebook? Our UK students use the Guardian style guide. Some American students use it, and others use the Chicago manual of style.
  6. Can you find work after the course, or do you need to take further courses? You won’t need further courses. You will have the necessary skills to start a business, and we will help you find work.

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