Why our PR course places an emphasis on blogging


Our PR course covers blogging, as many businesses find that PR blogs play a valuable role in getting their messages across to the public. A PR blog is a blog that a business uses to promote itself. Our online PR course explains that It will probably form part of its website.

Good PR blogs include a mixture of promotion, details about the business and its sector, and other information that customers / potential customers might find helpful.

The best ones aim to:

  • Show that the business is credible and trustworthy.
  • Show that the business is an expert or an authority in its field.
  • Provide how-to information.
  • Engage with would-be customers – through offers, promotions etc.
  • Engaging with other people – journalists, existing customers and other contacts.
  • Include search words and phrases to assist with SEO.
  • Avoid blatant promotion or ‘trumpet blowing’.

PR blogs are useful, because they allow businesses to tell their stories in their own words, and are attractive because they’re free!

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