Our PR course is popular with businesses of all shapes and sizes


Our PR course is very popular, as the internet means that businesses – even small ones – need to be more aware of their reputations than ever before.

And also, learners on our online PR course are able to use some of their assignments to gain points for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ training scheme.

Here are some of the essentials about this course.

What background will help with this course?

An interest in public relations – how brands and businesses present themselves to the general public – is important. It also helps to have excellent social and people skills. The ability to form and sustain mutually beneficial business relationships is essential if you are to be a successful PR consultant.

What does a PR do?

A PR (public relations) consultant is responsible for spreading information about a business to its potential customers and the wider public. Their role involves presenting the brand in the best possible light, in a way which will ultimately help build the business and create more income.

PR consultants work very closely with journalists and other members of the press in order to achieve this goal.

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Can I make money from PR?

PR consultants are employed by all business and there are therefore many opportunities available, although – as with journalism – competition for roles is intense.

Many PRs also set up their own businesses once they have accumulated sufficient industry experience.

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What are the best websites to visit when looking for work?

Jobs are advertised widely online. Some of the most popular sites include:

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