Online courses can help a career change after redundancy


Many CMP graduates join us after being made redundant of finding themselves in unexpected career circumstances.

We’ve helped a lot of people in this situation, and it’s exciting to see them use redundancy as an opportunity to fulfil their goals and their passions. Our principal, Cleland Thom, did the same when he was unemployed in 2003 – he started this college!

A lot of them join our proofreading course, or our copywriting course

The internet means there are plenty of opportunities for writers, journalists, copywriters and proofreaders, and it doesn’t matter where you are based.

But our online proofreading course graduates will tell you it can take time, effort and perseverance to break in.

Starting up a business means you will need a website, and an online profile, which we cover in our course materials.

You will have to accept any kind of work to get started, and you may not earn much. You may have to work for nothing, just to get your name out there.

You will also need to be multi-skilled: most clients like writers who can write / proofread / edit and do other communications-related work. Proofreaders sometimes need a broad range of editorial skills.

Our courses cover all these areas, as well as covering the more obvious skills associated with proofreading, writing, copywriting and journalism.

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