New business venture for copywriting course graduate


Nicole Tierney: CMP copywriting course graduate

Copywriting course graduate, Nicole Tierney, has started her own business.

Nicole launched Firework after completing our online copywriting course in summer 2018.

Firework offers creative advertising and copywriting services.

Nicole told us in her end of course review: “I found the course informative and well structured. It covered the content I expected it to.

“The tutorial support was helpful and timely. I appreciated Justine Holman’s words of encouragement and the level of detail she went in to when giving feedback about my work.

“Overall I was impressed with the course content. The links to online resources really helped to explain each of the lessons and made it easy to follow and understand.

I learned how to structure different forms of copy and how to write effectively for each. I also learned that I have the ability to write well as a copywriter, something I didn’t know before.

Nicole is one of many copywriting course learners to have launched her own business after completing her course.

See her website

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