Learners get key copyright tips on proofreading course


Many of our proofreading course graduates run websites, to showcase their editorial skills. But it’s important that they remember the copyright advice we provide on our online proofreading course

If you copy snippets of text from another site, you don’t usually need to get consent. But make sure you credit the copyright owner.

Images are different – take great care with them, as getting it wrong can be expensive. Make sure you either use your own photos, purchase them from someone else, or find free ones. However, even free photos need checking, in case they have been designated for non-commercial use.

Also, make sure you put a copyright notice on your own site, to protect your content.

If you don’t, people will find it easier to claim that you gave ‘implied consent’ to use their content. It’s best to used strict wording, and then take a relaxed approach if anyone asks to use something, rather than the other way round.

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