An important tip for self publishing course students


Some students on our writing courses toy with the idea of writing a children’s book, for the 9-12 age range.

Others join our self publishing course with the idea of compiling a book that showcases the best blog posts and prose about motherhood for the parenting sector.

These ideas are plausible, but the children’s book / parenting markets are very crowded, and among the hardest to penetrate. The competition is fierce.

You’ll be competing with specialist bloggers and authors, and you’re unlikely to get commissions without a strong track record in another sector.

Most people in this position bypass the mainstream publishers, and self-publish, using CreateSpace or Kindle. These programmes are not that difficult to use, and our self publishing course explains the process.

CreateSpace means you can publish printed books without any up-front printing costs. The market will soon tell you whether your books are any good – if they are, people will buy them! It’s a transparent and potentially humbling process.

Our freelance journalism course graduate Phil Hilton self-publishes: see this article He’s regarded as successful, but he’ll tell you that it’s hard to make much money out of it.