The four basic steps for writing sports reports


Sports reports should be written using standard news writing style, just like any other news and business stories.

However, sports writers have an advantage over news reporters in that they can use exciting words to describe the atmosphere at the event.

With great descriptions, though, goes good structure. These four basic sports writing techniques outline sports reports that work:

1. The intro

The score is the most important information so must come first. Readers want to know who won and how they won. You also have to decide from whose perspective you are writing– is it the home team or the visitors?

2. The main information

Some readers will be happy with what they learn from the intro, but others with more interest in the sport or the match will want more information. This is where you describe players, injuries, points scored and anything else that gives the reader a basic picture of the game.


Now you add the main quotes – from the coach or a key player from both teams. Make sure you introduce your quotes clearly so there is no confusion as to who said what.

4. Everything else

For readers who have got this far, you need to give them more. Describe the game but choose just the most exciting plays – readers who have watched it on TV don’t want to be bored but do want to relive the excitement. Add a lot more quotes from people who matter – quotes are far more interesting than boring descriptions.

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