We’ve compiled this checklist for webpage content. Our webediting course students have found it helpful.

  1. Are the headings enticing? Remember that people scan pages first, and if your headers tell them part of the story straight away, they will dip in and read the rest. Headings need to be informative and enticing.
  2. Are there enough internal links? You should structure the content so that it includes text that can be used as an anchor for linking to other parts of the website.
  3. Is the copy error-free? Get someone to proofread the site … or do our proofreading course
  4. Are there calls to action? You need to entice your users by providing informative content that speaks directly to them and answers their questions and give the opportunity, often, to contact you or look further into how you can help them.
  5. Is the copy readable? Text in a light colour is difficult to read. Use a darker tone and a bigger font.
  6. Is the site accessible? Make sure the site is DDA compliant, and that images have metadata.
  7. Does the site ‘work’? Get as many people as you can to test the site for usability, navigation and whether it meets their needs.
  8. Is the content necessary? Every single element – every single word – should have a purpose and that is to show the users what you can do for them.

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