Different options in publishing


Self-publishing has become the best way for authors to publish their manuscripts.

Why you might ask? Because traditional publishing is more difficult, more expensive and more painful.


With traditional publishing, a manuscript can take years to become a book. Even if you have an agent, the publishing house could still reject your manuscript or it could sit in the slush pile for six months or more.

With self-publishing, an author can literally have a finished book – hardcover or paperback in their hands within six months. And, with ebooks, this can be reduced to weeks, or even days.


Often an author’s joy at selling a manuscript turns into despair when an editor at a publishing house rips that manuscript into unrecognisable shreds. Publishers might refuse to publish a book because it is too controversial, doesn’t fit the house’s list, or simply because it won’t sell.

With self-publishing, the author has more control over the contents, design, and appearance, as well as where the book is marketed and distributed.

Our self-publishing course will help you on your way to publishing your first manuscript, whether it is completed or still in the draft stage.

The course covers everything from cover-to-cover and includes everything in-between.

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