Copywriting learner wins national award


Shaf Sabir

CMP copywriting graduate, Shaf Sabir, has won a coveted national award for his performance on his course.

He has been presented with a Certificate of Merit by the Association of British Correspondence Colleges.

The awards are given to online learners who have performed exceptionally well. He now appears in their Hall of Fame with other CMP students Nicki Halliday, Sandra Robertson, Ian Shine and Chris Barraclough.

Shaf has overcome huge personal obstacles to complete our copywriting course with Merit.

He has special needs, and has struggled with blindness and mental health issues for the whole of his life.

However, he completed his copywriting course with merit, and said: ‘I could not have done this without CMP’s help. They assisted me at every stage.’

CMP Managing Director Olly Thom said: ‘Shaf did not find the course easy. But he doggedly worked through the teaching material and submitted work that any student would be proud of, and didn’t ask for any special allowances because of his disabilities.

‘Other students helped him out through our Student lounge.

‘Shaf has now started his own blog and is hoping to write a book about his life experiences. He tells us that our diploma will help to find him regular work and is really optimistic about his future.

‘He has shown considerable determination and talent in completing the course, and we had no hesitation in recommending him for an award.’

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