Our copywriting course shows how to write reader-focused content


Our online copywriting course trains learners to adapt their content according to the reader.

There’s no point in writing in ‘Guardian English’ if your target audience mainly comprises Sun readers.

We also tell our copywriting course learners to remember their readers’ ages.

Older adults may use more formal language, and also have a limited understanding of younger people’s culture.

So, imagine you are writing about a recent holiday.

You might tell a friend in their late 20:

‘I went to Ibiza with five mates. It rocked. We drank shots by the pool all day and went clubbing all night. It was perfect for a girly holiday – the hotel did what it said on the tin. It was brill if you just want to go on the lash.’

But you’d probably tell your 80-year-old aunt:

‘I went to Ibiza with five other girls. We had a lovely time. We sat by the pool all day and enjoyed the night life in the evenings. It was perfect for an all-girl party. The hotel was exactly like the brochure described it. It was the perfect place to have fun with your friends.’

It’s important for any writer to be able to switch styles easily. And that’s where our commercial copywriting course comes in.

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