Many of our copywriting course learners start a blog or a website, to advertise their copywriting services.

But we remind them that if they to launch a website after they have finished their online copywriting course, they need to make sure it is very high quality.

After all, a badly written and designed website promoting copywriting services is a bit like a bakery displaying mouldy bread in their shop window.

So, you need interesting, well written content.

The golden rule for websites is: Content is king. This means the blog needs a sharper focus. Any website owner must be able to give short, clear answers to these questions: 1) WHO is it for? And 2) WHAT is it for?

Effective blogs aren’t aimed at EVERYBODY … they’re aimed at SOMEBODY. And owners need a very clear idea of who their ‘somebody’ is.

Copywriting websites also need unambiguous names that clearly state their purpose. Focus is all-important.

So, if you have completed one of our online copywriting courses, work out the answers to the WHO and WHAT questions above … and then let the answers guide what you say and how you say it.

Our partner organisation, Digital Creative Hub, can design you everything you need to launch yourself as a successful freelance copywriter or proofreader. They offer an exclusive 20% discount to all CMP students.

Here’s an example of a website that they designed for CMP copywriting course graduate, Callum Wilkinson.