Do you have what it takes to complete a proofreading course?


Proofreading is one of those skills that will always be in demand. The internet explosion of online articles, blogs and social media posts will ensure the survival of the profession for many decades to come.

This is why you need to learn editorial skills by doing a proofreading course

Another factor is the emergence of self-publishing. As a result of this boom, we are seeing many people taking up distance learning proofreading courses in a bid to brush up their skills and set up their own freelance business.

However, before embarking on a proofreading course, it’s always important to assess whether you have what it takes to become a successful proofreader in this increasingly competitive field.

Be warned, it’s not for everyone. The work can be repetitive and it requires hours of concentration, which is why writers are so happy to pay professionals to do it for them.

Proofreading course develops your skills

Obviously a love of reading, writing and attention to detail will put you in an advantageous position. A good proofreading course will help you develop all the skills you need but there are always things you can do in your spare time to give you that extra edge.

Good computer skills are important in this profession. You have to understand them or be willing to put in the time to understand them. Proofreading requires you to be familiar with editing tools and Microsoft Word’s many features.

Some clients might insist that you use a specific online proofreading tool. The onus is on you as the professional to learn about all the tools available.

Another tip is to invest in your library. You will benefit from having access to a variety of dictionaries and thesauruses catering to different industries.

Get yourself familiar with terminology commonly used within the finance, medical and legal fields. This will allow you to create a niche for yourself, which is a powerful advantage when you want to retain clients.

To truly imprint the skill into your muscle memory, it’s helpful to proofread all the time. This might sound tedious and you’re probably asking, why would I want to think about work in my spare time?

However, we read all the time for leisure so why not practice proofreading while you read your favourite magazine or newspaper? Don’t just mindlessly scan websites, brochures or manuals – try to spot errors and study them with a critical eye.

This will strengthen your skills to the point where you won’t even have to think about it and it becomes second nature.

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