CMP copywriting course gave student fresh hope


CMP graduate, Susan Hammond, has described how our copywriting course gave her hope during a tough time.

Susan suffered from depression for ten years, and was the diagnosed with ME in 2016.

But then she discovered our online copywriting course, and found that it gave her new motivation.

Susan said: ‘I was unsettled, unfulfilled and my situation seemed hopeless.

‘Then I became ill again. I lost hope of ever being able to support myself. Although mentally ready to give all I had into getting a fulfilling job, I was often physically unable to.

‘But then I began to write, and in October 2016, one of my church elders suggested I start a blog. This seemed quite random at the time, but I badly needed something positive I could do with low energy levels. In November 2016, Creation Life Adventure was born!’

Susan added: ‘Then I discovered copywriting and CMP. The course gave me a purpose. I now want to get up in the morning. I have something meaningful that I am able to do. I’m determined to become a great copywriter and when I finish the course I intend to gain copywriting employment or set up my own business.

‘It’s the perfect course for me. I can do it at my own pace – very important as some days I’ve been physically unable to do much.

‘This course has given me hope and confidence that I can have a successful copywriting and writing career. I’ve already started writing better blog posts.’

Susan now has her own website up and running, where you can hire her for professional copywriting services.