Blogs can help proofreading course learners


proofreading courseWe tell our proofreading course learners to make sure they keep their career blogs up-to-date, and use plenty of fresh content. Blogs are a great way of getting your name out there, and driving traffic to your website.

But it’s important to set realistic targets. One learner on our online proofreading course said she was going to blog five times a week. But we said she was being over-ambitious.

Even three posts a week becomes very relentless. It can be done, provided you get into a routine.

The hardest part is coming up with content ideas, especially with a subject like proofreading and proofreading courses. There is only so much you can say! Students on our copywriting course find it easier to find interesting subjects.

It’s important to note potential ideas and themes whenever you see them or think of them. Apps like Evernote are a good way of storing notes to read later – you can jot them down on your phone and develop them when you need them.

It also helps if you keep posts short, and ensure they only cover one topic. It’s hard enough coming up with article ideas, without gobbling up two subjects within one article.

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