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Our graduates and learners work for businesses and organisations all over the world.

Name: Matt Snape

Organisation: HITC

Role: content writer

Name: Laura Easlick

Organisation: Aspects Holidays

Job: marketing assistant

Name: David Gledhill

Organisation: Ageing Well

Job: marketing and communications lead

Name: Tom Walters

Organisation: University of Sussex

Job: youth media relations manager

Name: Matt Snape

Organisation: PRIME Research

Role: news executive

Name: Rebecca Higgerson

Organisation: Manpower UK

Job: HP senior talent acquisition specialist

Name: Rodney Dennis

Organisation: Brought By Many

Job: content marketing executive

Name: Jade du Preez

Organisation: The Pit Crew Online

Job: editor and multimedia expert

Name: Gabriella Cassandro

Organisation: Mail Online

Job: video journalist

Name: James Childs

Organisation: BPR Group Europe Ltd

Job: business development executive

Name: Mark Goldie

Organisation: OR Media Ltd

Job: editor

Name: Badri Ohja

Organisation: Media  Plan

Job: communication professional

Name: Elisa Strozzi

Organisation: Media Expert

Job: language teacher

Name: Eleanor Mears

Organisation: Deutsche Welle

Job: producer

Name: Craig Lewis

Organisation: BBC Radio Northampton

Job: journalist

Name: Matt Snape

Organisation: Il Giornale

Role: online journalist with Inside Over division

Name: Andrew McIntoshA distance learning course student

Organisation: Boost Marketing

Job: senior consultant

Name: Matt SnapeA distance learning course student

Job: Media analyst

Organisation: Prime Research

Name: Emma Sleight

Job: Editor of Food, wine and flowers magazine

Organisation: Marks and Spencer

Name: Emma Williams

Job: staff writer

Organisation: History Revealed

Name: Nadia Moolman

Job: marketing assistant

Organisation: Optic Blaze Media

Adult learning courses student, Krystal ScanlonName: Krystal Scanlon

Job: Reporter

Organisation: The Drawdown

Name: Bhavian Patel

Job: Content creationist

Organisation: Valnet Inc.

Name: Patrick Widdess

OrganisationArchant Media

Job: writer and production journalism

Name: Chris Sparham

Organisation: Rap Interiors

Job: content writer and digital marketing assistant

Name: Kasthuri MadhavanKasthuri Madhavan

Organisation: Aerochapter

Job: web editor

Name: Chris BarracloughChris Barraclough

Organisation: Recombu

Job: editor-in-chief

Name: Steve ShawSteve Shaw

Organisation: Archant Media

Job: junior reporter

Name: Matt Snape

Organisation: Education Support Partnership

Role: online journalist

Name: Ian ShineIan Shine

Organisation: Financial Times – How To Spend It

Job: digital editor

Name: Catherine RowlandCatherine Rowland

Organisation: Horizon Teachers

Job: digital marketing executive

Name: Samson DadaSamson Dada

Organisation: InEvidence

Job: account executive

Distance learning courses student, Lounetter LoubserName: Lounette Loubser

Job: software content administrator

Organisation: Curve

Name: Charlie MillerCharlie Miller

Organisation: British Rowing

Job: digital marketing executive

Name: Fran McElhone

Organisation: KOR Communications

Job: content editor

Name: Matt Snape

Organisation: Vale Magazine

Role: online journalist

Name: Chris SparhamChris Sparham

Organisation: Adapt Worldwide

Job: online advertising executive

Name: David Ralph

Organisation: Made not Born

Job: copywriter and content marketer

Name: Natalie Batchelor-Roles

Organisation: The Creation Agency

Job: campaign manager

Name: Andre Huie

OrganisationSKN Newsline

Job: news director

Name: Sara Larkham

Organisation: Ireland’s Homes Interiors and Living magazine

Job: editorial associate

Name: Noy Shani

Organisation: Sporting Index Group

Job: marketing assistant

Name: Catherine Rowland

Organisation: Hays

Job: social media executive

Name: Fran McElhone

Organisation: BBC South West

Job: production assistant

Name: Sam Conway

Organisation: Sportsbeat

Job: sports reporter

Name: James Ducker

Organisation: The Times

Job: northern football correspondent

Name: Irina Sandul

Organisation: Image 3000

Job: production assistant

Name: Oliver Huddlestone

Organisation: Gillingham FC

Job: media, marketing and comms manager

Name: Cindy Zhou

Organisation: Communications Insider

Job: director

Name: Sam Cooper

Organisation: Wakefield Express

Job: reporter

Name: Chris Sparham

OrganisationPublic Pressure

Job: online writer and music editor

Name: Lounette Loubser

Organisation: Glamour magazine

Job: editorial assistant

Name: Minal Vachheta

Organisation: Home Office

Job: assistant communications officer

Name: Melissa Morris

Organisation: Cheshire East Council

Job: communications assistant

Name: Carl Mungazi

Organisation: Ignition

Job: junior web developer

Name: Nicole Kenny

Organisation: Electricity North West

Job: press and communications officer

Name: Elias Limwanya

Organisation: Zambezi FM

Job: radio presenter / newscaster and soccer commentator on the Zambian premier and division one leagues

Name: Chris Barraclough

Organisation: Recombu

Job: editor and writer

Name: Lawrence Nodua

Organisation: Solomon Telekom Company

Job: public relations officer

Name: Adam Adshead

Organisation: NME

Job: reporter

Name: Hannah Perselli

Organisation: That’s Manchester

Job: video journalist

Name: Bernard Chyzy

Organisation: Live Sports FM

Job: commentator, reporter and presenter

Name: Matt Humphrey

Organisation: Mencap

Job: copywriter

Name: Jamie Lewis

Organisation: Nyheter365

Job: UK editor

Name: Peggy Hosemann

Organisation: Hertz

Job: online marketing manager

Name: Shaun Reynolds

Organisation: Solihull Observer

Job: sports editor

Name: Paddy Vipond

Organisation: Skin Deep magazine

Job: writer

Name: Karl Hansell

Organisation: South Lakeland District Council

Job: press officer

Name: Ian Shine

Organisation: Financial Times – How To Spend It magazine

Job: subeditor

Name: Bransby Macdonald-Williams

Organisation: BBC archives

Job: technical senior media manager

Name: Andrew Lubega

Organisation: Campden Media

Job: content writer

Name: Lounette Loubser

Organisation: Fairfield Tours

Job: content writer

Name: Petra Silfverskiold

Organisation: Sunderland Echo

Job: crime reporter

Name: Therasa Paul

Organisation: Salisbury Journal

Job: reporter

Name: Eniko Blitzer 

Organisation: Angliai Kisokos

Job: writer

Name: Alicia Babaee

Organisation: Avon Cosmetics

Job: senior copywriter

Name: Alice Bowerman

Organisation: Broker Network

Job: copywriter

Name: Rachelle Akuffo

Organisation: China Central Television (CCTV America)

Job: business correspondent / producer

Name: Chris Barraclough

Organisation: Mobile Choice

Job: editor

Name: Chris Blaker

Organisation: Insight Bee

Job: business development team

Name: Ryan Fowler

Organisation: Mortgage Introducer

Job: reporter

Name: Minal Vachheta

Organisation: Cabinet Office

Job: assistant communications officer

Name: Ben Russell

Organisation: London Evening Standard

Job: reporter

Name: Alex Bell

Organisation: Roland Dransfield PR

Job: head of media

Name: Natalie Derham

Organisation: Minister FM

Job: newsreader, broadcast journalist

Name: Mun Wai Wong

Organisation: BizWinks

Job: business news reporter

Name: Christina Cocco

Organisation: Moviez magazine

Job: editor

Name: Aymer Nelson

Organisation: Stencil magazine

Job: reporter

Name: Alice Fagiolo

Organisation: The House Inglês Por Mnemotecnia

Job: professor of English

Name: Shaun Reynolds

Organisation: Coventry and Solihull Observer

Job: sports editor

Name: Belinda Liversedge

Organisation: Superyacht Group

Job: reporter

Name: Niki Sehmbi

Organisation: Luxtripper

Job: e-commerce and marketing content writer

Name: Alex Millson

Organisation: Bloomberg LP

Job: digital news editor

Name: Nicholas Fearn

Organisation: Start-up Wales

Job: content and comms manager

Name: Alicia Babaee

Organisation: Headlines UK

Job: head of content strategy and marketing

Name: Chris Carra

Organisation: Llanelli Star

Job: reporter

Name: Ben Bouckley

Organisation: Nestlé

Job: editorial writer

Name: Joe Thorpe

Organisation: Fenice Media Ltd

Job: deputy editor

Name: Robin Markwell

Organisation: BBC Radio Bristol

Job: reporter and winner of the Radio Journalist of the Year, EDF Energy South West Media awards

Name: Richard Chamberlain

Organisation: Rhythm magazine

Job: staff writer

Name: Emma Sleight

Organisation: LOCOG Olympic and Paralympic News Service

Job: journalist

Name: Eddie van der Walt

Organisation: Bloomberg

Job: reporter

Name: Jemima Kiss


Job: reporter

Name: Andy Howard

Organisation: BBC Radio Bristol

Job: reporter / presenter

Name: Nick Glaves

Organisation: The PR Company

Job: managing director

Name: Krystal Scanlon

Organisation: Hexjam

Job: staff writer

Name: Stuart Littleford

Organisation: Government and Public Sector Journal

Job: editor-in-chief

Name: Joe Newman

Organisation: National news and pictures

Job: press photographer

Name: Oliver Haenlein

Organisation: Salt Magazine

Job: reporter

Name: Victoria Seago

Organisation: Bauer

Job: subeditor

Name: Niki Sehmbi

Organisation: Travelzoo

Job: assistant producer

Name: Joe Thorpe

Organisation: The Global Panorama

Job: editor

Name: Nicholas Newman

Organisation: Contently

Job: energy specialist

Name: David Stewart

Organisation: Stornoway Gazette

Job: trainee reporter

Name: Amy Honeywell

Organisation: Copify

Job: content writer

Name: Abdallah el-Kurebe

Organisation: Newswatch Communications Ltd

Job: regional editor

Name: Owen Neilson

Organisation: Infront Sports and Media AG

Job: commentator and sports reporter

Name: Tiaba Ali

Organisation: BBC

Job: broadcast assistant

Name: Laura McBride

Organisation: Argus Brighton

Job: production editor

Name: Tosan Edun

Organisation: COSSE

Job: senior manager

Name: Anna Sheldrick

Organisation: Gamers’ Voice

Job: content writer

Name: Liam Singleton

Organisation: FlavorActiV

Job: communications manager

Name: Omar Tasiq

Organisation: Radio Bangladesh

Job: Bangla news supervisor

Name: Andrew Lubega


Job: digital content producer

Name: Samson Dada

Organisation: Transport for London

Job: assistant press officer

Name: Zoe Grams

Organisation: ZG Communications

Job: communications specialist and principal

Name: Natasha Ferguson

Organisation: 2BReal Magazine

Job: founder and editor-in-chief

Name: Yvette Pickard

Organisation: Zurich Insurance

Job: marketing strategic projects and planning manager

Name: Michael Owens

Organisation: Fighters Only magazine and TRAIN magazine

Job: copy editor

Name: Tiffany Shand

Organisation: Eclipse Editing

Job: copywriter and copy editor

Name: Qasim Eisa

Organisation: DAMAC Properties

Job: digital marketing executive

Name: Andrew Saunders

Organisation: Kent and Sussex Courier

Job: reporter

Name: Amy Dilley

Organisation: Parkinson’s UK

Job: press and policy officer

Name: David Mercer

Organisation: The Scotsman

Job: reporter

Name: Jemima Kiss

Organisation: Media Guardian

Job: reporter

Name: Mark Smith

Organisation: Prague Post

Job: sports reporter

Name: Fiona Pringle

Organisation: Arbroath Herald

Job: trainee reporter

Name: Clare Leahy

Organisation: Search Sciences

Job: online content writer

Name: Rosie Baillie

Organisation: F1 Plus

Job: editor and reporter

Name: Agustina Savini

Organisation: Cambridge University Press

Job: language researcher

Name: Minal Vanchheta

Organisation: Cabinet Office

Job: communication assistant

Name: Andy Saunders

Organisation: Kent and Sussex Courier

Job: reporter

Name: Stuart Vose

Organisation: Sunderland AFC

Job: web editor

Name: James Bramble

Organisation: Mental Disability Advocacy Center

Job: director of development and external affairs

Name: Jamie Lewis

Organisation: Northern and Shell

Job: online journalist

Name: Lucy Munday

Organisation: Express and Echo

Job: photojournalist

Name: Shiuuli Mozlu

Organisation: Women Make Waves

Job: contributing writer

Name: Roberto Dias

Organisation: Xeros

Job: Google support agent

Name: Lawrence NoduaOnline course student, Lawrence Nodua

Organisation: Solomon Telekom Company

Job: public relations officer

Name: Laura Easlick

Organisation: Gatenby Services

Job: marketing and admin assistant

Name: Michael Shaw

Organisation: BBC

Job: researcher

Name: Ryan Fowler

Organisation: Tech City News

Job: editor

Name: Jo Craig

Organisation: Uttoxeter Post and Times

Job: reporter

Name: Chris Tracey

Organisation: Eastern Daily Press

Job: reporter

Name: Andrew Lubega


Job: editor

Name: Nicola Scrimgeour

Organisation: Romanes Media Group

Job: trainee reporter

Name: Mark Percy

Organisation: Two Geeky Guys

Job: co-creator

Name: Chris Elliott

Organisation: Dream Doors

Job: pay-per-click specialist and copywriter

Name: Guilherme de Almeida

Organisation: Revista Goool

Job: photographer

Name: Sara Larkham

Organisation: Zoe Baysting Art

Job: public relations manager

Name: Qasim Eisa

Organisation: Proof Integrated Communications

Job: social media executive

Name: Jennifer Kakai

Organisation: YWCA, Solomon Islands

Job: communications officer

Name: Nina Das Gupta

Organisation: Inrix

Job: travel broadcaster

Name: Sarah Washer

Organisation: Bonacia

Job: editorial assistant

Name: Adele LandAdele Land: CMP freelance journalism course graduate

Organisation: Costa Almeria News

Job: reporter

Name: Nicholas FearnOnline training courses student, Nicholas Fearn

Organisation: The Next Web

Job: contributing writer

Name: Oliver HuddlestoneDistance learning course student, Oliver Huddlestone

Organisation: World Soccer Talk

Job: freelance writer

Name: Ian ShineOnline courses student, Ian Shine

Organisation: MLex Market Insight

Job: subeditor

Name: Emma Sleight

Organisation: AOL Travel and AOL

Job: online reporter

Name: Glenville AshbyGlenville Ashby: CMP political journalism course graduate

Organisation: Jamaica Gleaner

Job: columnist

Name: Rebecca FalconerDistance learning course student, Rebecca Falconer

Organisation: Huffington Post

Job: news editor

Name: Emma Pauw

Organisation: We Talk Social

Job: content writer and social media account manager

Name: Jamie LewisDistance learning courses student, Jamie Lewis

Organisation: Inside Music

Job: managing director

Name: Michael ShawHome study courses student, James Shaw

Organisation: Plotpoint TV

Job: researcher

Name: Yvette PickardDistance learning courses student, Yvette Pickard

Organisation: Zurich Insurance

Job: marketing strategic projects and planning manager

Name: Shana RahmanA distance learning course student

Organisation: Chambers and Partners

Job: editorial assistant / research coordinator

Name: David Robson

Organisation: Going Going Bike

Job: blogger

Name: Sara LarkhamDistance learning course student, Sara Larkham

Organisation: Ireland’s Homes Interiors and Living magazine

Job: editorial assistant

Name: Keeley KnowlesA distance learning course student

Organisation: Bedford Midweek

Job: editor

Name: Cindy ZhouDistance learning course student, Cindy Zhou

Organisation: ChinaContact

Job: public relations director

Name: Marita Hutson

Organisation: Rinse FM

Job: broadcast assistant

Name: Ben BouckleyWeb training courses student, Ben Boukley

Organisation: William Reed Business Media

Job: head of editorial

Name: Kai Merriott

Organisation: Interactive Services

Job: senior learning manager

Name: Stuart VoseDistance learning courses student, Stuart Vose

Organisation: Oldham Athletic FC

Job: press officer

Name: Andy SaundersJournalism courses student, Andrew Saunders

Organisation: Kent police

Job: press officer

Name: Acacia Smith

Organisation: European Cyclists Federation

Job: communications assistant

Name: Amy HoneywellOnline courses student, Amy Honeywell

Organisation: Ouse Valley Living Magazine

Job: feature writer

Name: Natalie Batchelor-RolesDistance learning course student, Natalie Batchelor-Roles

Organisation: The Social Studio

Job: director

Name: Chiara Maria Bivona

Organisation: Arts and Culture

Job: public relations

Name: Michaela Chung

Organisation: Introvert Spring

Job: director

Name: Rodney Dennis

Organisation: Rule Financial

Job: content marketing executive

Name: Eileen MacCallum

Organisation: A Wee Birdie

Job: copywriter

Name: Sara Yaxley

Organisation: Bozboz MAS

Job: digital marketing manager

Name: Lawrence NoduaOnline course student, Lawrence Nodua

Organisation: Solomon Telekom Company

Job: public relations officer

Name: Nigel Keeling


Job: chief staff writer

Name: Estelle Bloom

Organisation: Making it Clear

Job: communications consultant

Name: Emma Sleight

Organisation: Huffington Post

Job: reporter

Name: Stuart LittlefordAdult learning courses student, Stuart Littleford

Organisation: Saddleworth News

Job: editor

Name: Nic ParkesA distance learning course student

Organisation: Virgin Care

Job: digital communications executive

Name: Patrick Widdess

Organisation: Newsquest

Job: copywriter

Name: James Chapelard

Organisation: Crains Manchester Business

Job: reporter

Name: Ziad Mansour

Organisation: IMG

Job: reporter

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